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We are a large scale cryptocurrency community providing you with access to some of the most exclusive cryptocurrency signals, newsletters, magazines, trading indicators, tools and more. We aim to provide our users with as much information as we can to ensure maximum profit, no matter if we are in a bullish or bearish market.

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A+ Signals utilizes the Discord app to have a completely seamless user experience, real-time notifications on Phone and Desktop.
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Our community is full of helpful members willing and able to provide information and tips on cryptocurrency trading and investing.
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Whether you're looking for Technical Analysis and Trading Tips on Cryptocurrency, our knowledgeable community can guide you.
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The best providers in the Crypto Space.

A+ Signals has the best signal providers, magazines and newsletters in the cryptocurrency space aswell as multiple learning guides to assist you with your trading needs.

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A few of the dozens of testimonials we have received since our founding in February 2018.
Many more are publically viewable in our Discord channel.
" Great provider. It has been a great experience. These guys are fast and reliable in providing the signals which you need. They have done so well in this bear market. They respond to the feedback right away and add or subtract the channels based on the vip's opinion. Honestly, I was surprised the integrity of the group" - Sky, 07-09-2018

" Eric is a great guy, doing serious work here. I'm and was part of different signal groups, as a newbie it's really hard to weed out the bad and good information regarding to TA. I'm a very satisfied member, and this signal group spared me already a TON of money. To be honest, the free training courses already worth the price a BIG TIME. I highly recommend to watch them once you are a paid member, it's a collection of the best and more expensive trainings (the combined price is way higher than the lifetime membership alone). I could also PM Eric anytime and he was ready to answer, which is not the case in other groups usually. With the new upcoming dashboard system and improvements, I 've already decided to discontinue the other memberships and stick here. Thank you guys! And @Ziva you are killing it with your predictions!"
- Gabor, 12-09-2018

" Been in this group for almost 3 months now and I can assure everyone else that it’s worth it. I’ve bought into a vast number of signals - Some reach their target in minutes / hours, others days. Believe me when I say if the groups set a target, no matter if it seems too high, it WILL reach! The providers study the market and news constantly and by joining this service it gave me access to years of their expertise and knowledge for the small price in which VIP in this group goes for. A+ doesn’t just relay premium groups signals but it gives assurances. When I see a red market, I feel doubt. Channels like “Wall Street crypto” allow me to rest easy as when they say it will bounce, it sure does! (This is not sponsored nor am I affiliated with the groups owners. I am but a private individual who gives credit where it is due." - JW, 05-28-2018
" Ok, this is going to sound a little cheesy but a big shoutout to Eric who has done me a favour and I am back in the black.I would never tell others what to do but I took a chance with a one month membership, that was nearly four months ago and I am very happy, anyone is welcome to message me and find out more." - Gaz, 12-06-2018

" I have now been using A+ signals for quite a while and can say without a doubt i have been a very happy customer. They accumulate the very best signal channels into one discord group and my most favourite channel has been #bitmex-aggregated which captures all the bitmex signals into one easy to use channel. Signal analysts such as #ziva-signals have been a great addition to A+ signals and have helped assist my trading decisions and i know has made a lot of money for those who are VIP." - WelshmenTrader, 08-29-2018

" It's been about 3 days since I joined the VIP group of A+ Signals but I can honestly say it has been an incredibly worthwhile experience. The team here at A+ are quick to fix any issues, constantly add new learning content, and provide signals from the best (and most expensive) signal providers on the market. With over 20 signal channels you will have more signals than you know what to do with. The great thing is that there is plenty of learning material and news channels that will instill confidence in your signal trades. If that still isn't enough and you're a bit anxious about the trade just message one of the friendly staff. Someone is typically online in all timezones and always willing to give some solid advice. "That's all well and good Hakuna, but what about the actual profits? Are we going to make decent money!?" If you follow the VIP trading strategy and learn some discipline, hell yeah will you make money! So far I've made 10% on my initial capital by utilizing 5-7 signals a day and following the strategy to ensure proper risk management. Sure I could've made 20%+ but I'm playing it safe and teaching myself good habits to ensure long term gains. The great thing is that any profit you do make can go straight back into your capital for reinvestment. Say you start with a 1K capital, hit a conservative average of 2-3% per day and reinvest your profits - within 30 days you could potentially accumulate a total of $2427! No matter the market condition money is to be made in this beautifully volatile crypto world."
- Hakuna, 01-06-2018

You can verify these testimonials in our Discord!

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